Swimming at the Ritz


About Myself

Name: Pamela Beryl Churchill Hayward Harriman, née Digby

Gender: Female

Age: Never discussed

Birthday: March 20th

Status: Widow

Hometown: Minterne Magna, Dorset, U. K.

Religion: Roman Catholic

Education: None

School: University of Life

Major: Manners and Good Taste

Minor: Home Economics

Occupation: U. S. Ambassador to France, 1993 - 1997;



Work: U.S.  Embassy, Paris

Home: Hôtel Ritz, Paris; and

Hôtel Pontalba, Paris

Instant Messaging: None

Groups:  U. S. Democratic Party


Books: VERSAILLES by Gerard Van de Kemp; THE DUCHESS OF WINDSOR: THE SECRET LIFE; Hammacher-Schlemmer mail order catalog

Writers: Winston Churchill, Jacqueline Susanne, Fannie Farmer

Quote: “Face to face is better than fax to fax!”

“I am very territorial.  If you belong to me, YOU BELONG TO ME.  No straying allowed!”

“Wealth is very incestuous.  We all marry cousins and friends’ ex-wives and ex-husbands to ‘keep it in the family.’”

Food: Tea sandwiches, salmon or cucumber, thinly sliced.  Take out from Maxim’s

Travel Desinations: Greece, Italy, France, preferably anyplace reachable only by private yacht


“Powerful men are always

at the mercy of the right woman”


You are cordially invited

to the sale of a lifetime

Paris, 1995.  Pamela Churchill Harriman, U. S. Ambassador to France, is alone in a suite at the Hôtel Ritz, except for Pietro her Italian hotel valet.  Daughter-in-law of Sir Winston Churchill, adventuress, socialite, the maker of a U.S. President and considered to be the most famous courtesan of the twentieth century, Pamela faces her most challenging crisis.


a new play by

Charles Leipart


“a bit of genius”

“very amusing entertaining... frothy fun...”

“...this tale of love, sex, money, glamour...and survival”



“A hit

A vibrant and totally captivating play.”


“An utterly amazing character”